Awele Beauty is an award winning music video and TVC makeup artist. Over the years, she has trained over 5,000 students through various platforms such as her master class, monthly class, One-on-One class and brush up classes in almost every major city in Nigeria, London, and the USA.
She is arguably the most talked-about Nigerian makeup artist as her touches are said to be flawless with fantastic finishes. She’s a woman entrepreneur, an idol to makeup in Nigeria.
Awele believes – being a beauty architect means being an artist who plans, designs, and approaches makeup with clear intention.
And indeed, professionalism requires understanding how to design looks for all skin tones, face shapes, and types strategically.
You can’t achieve all these without learning and that’s why education is one of the most tangible ways to elevate your artistry. It opens your mind to the endless possibilities of what can be done with makeup. Education helps you to truly reach your artistry potential. Gaining more knowledge and technical skill is the best way to empower oneself and truly stoke the spark of natural talent into a full flame.