SKIN ANALYSIS is a makeup masterclass focused on developing, exploring, and strengthening the theoretical and technical knowledge necessary to master the global skin range. This 2 days hands-on course will cover the relationships between theory, technique & product knowledge in a manner that will empower attendees with the knowledge and thus confidence necessary to perfect any canvas they encounter.

Day I: Color Theory & The Customized Complexion (HANDS-ON)*
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
– Students will learn basic and advanced color theory concepts and how it applies to, selecting, adjusting, and even creating varying shades in makeup complexion products.
– Students will apply color theory knowledge in the creation of a custom foundation and in the adjusting of pre-packaged foundation shades using the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and, brown, white, and/or black.
– Master the global skin range by elevating your understanding of color theory.
– Learn how classic art principles and science meet to create a fundamental tenet of makeup artistry.
– Begin to train your eye to identify the subtle nuances in skin tone and undertone, so that you provide the best and perfect match every time.
– Awele will take you through color theory building from the basics to more advanced concepts and how all that relates to complexion perfecting.
– She will then execute a demo showing how to custom mix foundation using the primary colors, white and black followed by demonstrations on how to adjust pre-packaged foundation to match any and every skin tone.

Theory and demonstrations will be followed by a hands-on portion guided by Awele.

Day II: Skin Theory: Color, Coverage, & Finishes (HANDS-ON)*
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
– Students will learn and execute techniques to create a flawless complexion on any skin tone.
– Students will use their newly acquired knowledge of Skin Theory to execute a full skin-focused makeup with support from the instructor.
– How can you distinguish between oily, dry, normal, or combination skin?
– What type of products can be used to address varying skin issues?
– How can we address texture if at all?
– How do certain ingredients work with one another to elevate or ruin makeup?
– How do the color, texture, and overall nature of my canvas skin impact my product selections?

We will tackle and answer all these questions and more through a full discussion and exploration of the relationship between color theory, skin analysis, product selection, and application techniques; this is SKIN ANALYSIS.

Building on the prior day of color theory further elevates your ability to meet the global skin range and various client needs through a full study of SKIN ANALYSIS.

Begin to explore the power of understanding the anatomy and nature of skin and the impact and essentiality of proper skin prep on creating a polished canvas. Learn and discuss the importance of extensive product and ingredient knowledge and how that can and will empower you to reach your full artistry potential.  Discuss and understand how the aforementioned, combined with proper application techniques will put you in a position to truly master skin.

Theory and demonstrations will be followed by a hands-on portion guided by Awele.
DAY I: Color Theory is a pre-requisite of
DAY II: Skin Theory.
You can not take Day II Skin Theory without taking DAY 1: Color Theory.  Day I is the only day that can be taken by itself.
– Technical skill and knowledge will boost your confidence as an artist.
– This new knowledge will be immediately reflected in your artistry.
– It’s time to take it to the next level!

– Certificate of attendance

CLASS FEE: ₦50,000

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