Black Opal True Color Creme Stick Foundation

by dedeola
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This is a full coverage foundation, trust me when I say, this product is definitely my complexion it is so exact almost like a second skin(I’m not exaggerating). I was excited about that, it goes on so smooth BUT I had an issue rubbing it in, I had to use my fingers and that was a complete turn off and mad messy. Sigh, anyway eventually when I got it on I couldn’t stop starring at myself in the mirror because this foundation just looks impeccable. Yaaaaaas!!!!! I was digging it. HOWEVER after applying it and I had it on for maybe like a hour or so, I look like a complete greasy peanut butter and not the dewy misty look that could maybe get a pass, no not that type, I was mad greasy, its crazy. I do have oily skin so maybe this foundation is not for that skin type, so I had to put it down for awhile and try new things.

Just last week I tried it again, this time applying it with a DAMP BEAUTY BLENDER and it looked so damn good but I remembered the oil issue, so I then applied some MAC Mineralized Powder. Maaaaan I tell you it seem as if that has done the trick because I wasn’t sweating one bit, I was a very very very happy camper. Because it has such a good coverage I couldn’t just give up on it like that ya feel me?

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