Elise Claire Cosmetics Illuminator

by dedeola
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Illuminator to die for! I apply them several different ways depending on what kind of look I am going for. I love mixing it into my foundation to give my skin an overall radiant appearance. I also enjoy using it on top of my foundation on my cheekbones. The highlight itself is very blinding without looking too sparkley! I love it

My first liquid highlighter was L’Oréal in Sparkling Love. But it disappointed me: not long lasting, too oily and medium pigmentation. One day I discovered that it has been revealed what most celebrities has on their face in her music videos. Yep, this tiny, expensive bottle. But I ordered it in the end anyway. When it arrived I put a pea size amount of product on a silisponge. It was too much. I use highlighters for cheekbones, browbones, inner corner of my eyes and cupids bow. Luckily I felt experimental that day and build it up, layer by layer. And I was shook: It glowed in sunlight like nothing else I’ve seen before. A perfect mix between glossy and dewy finish. I felt… Well, luxurious. This makes your overall makeup look much better and fresher. This liquid highlighter makes my others highlighters look chalky and meh (of course, only by comparison; when I only used powder highlighters I was obsessed with these highlighters). I guess it’s fair to claim that this product is worth its price because one bottle can last many months. 

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