Lait-Creme Concentre (24-Hour Miracle Cream)

by dedeola
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I came to the game late on this one and so wish I had heard about this little gem earlier in life! This moisturizer works for me and I’m on my 3rd tube. Yes, the smell is strong when you first apply but it doesn’t linger and my skin is not sensitive to perfumes in any skin or makeup products. One tubes lasts me for several months and I would use it at night too but I’m finishing up my other moisturizers that haven’t worked as well. 

it’s great to prime the face before applying foundation. It creates a soft, dewy base that allows my foundation to just glide on and sink into my skin.

I like to wash my face and then apply my serum go make my coffee and about 5 minutes later will come back and apply a thin layer of this and wait about 5 minutes before starting my makeup application. It works wonders to keep my skin from getting dry and it helps my foundation apply beautifully.

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