Mac Studio Face and Body

by dedeola
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MAC Face and Body foundation is make-up artists’ old friend. It will probably be banging about somewhere in our tool kit because it is the original dewy, sheer-to-medium coverage go-to base. It doesn’t come in a pot with a lid that shuts like a BMW door or a pearlised tube that twinkles with promise. It comes in a big plastic bottle, glamorous only in its utilitarianism. Economical. With a handy nozzle. This a pro tool. 

Runny as anything, it goes on sheer and builds to a medium coverage the more you add and blend. One trick is to pour a little in your palm, rub your hands together and feel it thicken before you apply it to your face. Buildable, it always retains the glowy quality for which it is famous, making skin look hydrated — so it probably won’t work for really oily complexions. 

I whack it lazily over my face like moisturiser and then add a second coat down the centre to mask redness and to ‘polyfill’ pores. No chalkiness. No shimmer. It is so sheer that you can actually get away with going a shade or two darker than your skin tone for a healthy spring radiance, as your complexion responds to longer days and warmer weather. I don’t use foundation on my body but I’m assured it’s great for body coverage, too.

No one shouts about this stuff because they assume that, if you know about make-up, then you know about MAC Face and Body. Well, you do now…

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