The Eight Beauty Trends To Ditch In 2020 And The New Relaxed Beauty Trends That Won’T Take Up Our Entire Morning

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Can we finally push pause on all those Instagram influenced beauty trends because natural makeup, more carefree approach to glowing skincare and healthy hair are here to stay. I’m more than a little bit excited that we’ll be putting down those lustrous highlighting powders and heavy foundation in favour of a more natural approach. Trends are fun o, but the best makeup always is a result of genuine and confident self expression.” Forget the rules and don’t be afraid to take a risk, try something new, and BE YOURSELF!” That’s not to say you should give up your favorite makeup routine just because they’re “out,” though.

1. Instagram brows are officially dead. “The days of using 15 steps to make your brows look perfect have ended, we don’t have time for that. Instead, we’re focusing on embracing our true selves, nobody will get time for Insta brows anymore. “No one wants to spend 30 minutes with five or six products just to put on their brows. Of course, a trend as big as Insta brows can’t go away without another one swooping in to take its place. The trend is moving to fluffier, more natural-looking ‘Virgin Brows’ that require far fewer products and steps to create or a full and neatly groomed eyebrow. This is much easier to do than the Insta brow, considering you’ll only have to commit to “using powder to fill in sparse areas and a tinted brow gel to add volume and definition.

2. We will forget about the full coverage foundation makeup trend. Apparently full coverage foundations’ days are numbered. We’ll be saying goodbye to matte and heavy foundations and the dry faces that come with them. Replacing the thick makeup trend is a light, dewy look. glass skin, natural skin, luminous skin, glowing from within’ look with effortlessly perfect skin. Hydration and not matte.

3. The return of the gloss. Lip gloss is finally making its return to the makeup scene. The matte has had its moment in the spotlight. High impact glosses and hints of metallic are set to make a huge comeback in 2020. People are ready for hydrated lips. I think we will see treatment glosses with ingredients like plum oil and hyaluronic acid and also glosses with a gel texture with longer readability. But don’t throw last season’s matte lippies out just yet, get creative with textures and experiment by adding a slick of gloss over the top of matte hues.

4. Faux eyelashes and extensions. Our favorite beauty houses are constantly innovating mascara formulations which we’re eternally grateful for: who really ever had the time for fiddly faux eyelashes anyway? A more natural approach to achieving luxe lashes is the way to go. Look for formulations that lift, extend and add volume.

5. No more contouring. Forget about spending hours trying to sculpt and chisel those cheekbones, overworked skin is out: 2020 is all about luminous complexions. Flawless skin begins with the right skincare. Investing time and money in your skincare routine means your foundation and products that follow won’t have them.

6. On YouTube and Instagram, it’s common to see influencers with glowing cheekbones and shining noses, but the glowing like a high beam with overdone highlighter trend that began around 2016 will be no more in 2020. Dewy skin will be such a huge trend. Nevertheless, overdoing it on the highlighter is a trend we all fell for and probably now regret. The best way to use highlighter, is to sweep it across the high points of the cheeks to create a healthy glow that looks authentic.

7. No more matchy-matchy makeup in 2020, please. If subtle makeup isn’t your thing, you’ll be happy to know that bright eyeshadow will still be a strong trend. Bright color on the eye paired with a matching bright lip is not quite the popular look it once was, bright eyeshadow will stick around, but it certainly won’t be paired with the whole face of the same color. We’re only going to pick one feature to put a bright color on. If you’re going to use a colorful eyeshadow palette, like Elise Claire Cosmetics “Star Girl”, a nude lip is always a safe but never boring pair. However, you don’t have to go completely colorless on the eyes or lip just because you’re trying to avoid competing brightness, pairing red lipstick with nude eyeshadow or a peach lip with forest green shadow. These colors coordinate well without washing your face out in one solid, strong color.

8. The “no makeup look” Not everyone enjoys spending tons of time applying their makeup each and every day. Anything that can simplify that daily routine is going to be a welcome change. no makeup look is going to be a stunning trend in 2020 and maybe even beyond. This is a trend I am hoping to see stick around a while,Mmhmm. It’ll be a great change from the ultra sculpted/contoured cheeks Instead of “chiseling” out those cheekbones and defining your jawline with dark foundation, more natural trend focuses on a light airy look that is both refreshing and feminine. Contouring was fun, sure, but, we can probably all agree that it’s time to embrace something new preferably something that requires fewer brushes and a lot less time.

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